Friday, 26 October 2018

G3 Invasion Games UOI

Next week we will be wrapping up our invasion games in grade 3. There has been so much learning happening during this whole unit.

The central idea for this unit was:
In a game, we must learn how to move into space with or without a ball.

As we played different small-sided games, students asked questions, wondered about the best ways to create space and let their teammates know when they were ready to receive the ball.

We played a variety of invasion games such as "benchball", basketball, or "prairie dog pick off." During those games, students were able to use similar strategies to attack or defend the opposite team. They became more aware of what to do when they had a plan rather than just running towards the ball.

In order to provoke students' thinking, I had different materials for them to use and play with. They could choose between using a foam ball, a rubber bouncy ball, a basketball, a frisbee, and a foam rugby ball. We also had bowling pins and hoops.

The scoring area had also some options for them. This kind of set up led to wonders and fostered curiosity and inquiry.

We had hula hoops hanging from the basketball hoops and small goals underneath. Before playing, learners would decide on how to score. For instance, they played a modified ultimate frisbee where they could score by throwing the frisbee into the goal, 1point, or up into the hula hoop, 5 points.

We talked about the importance of being good winners and good losers and to celebrate others successes as well.

We also co-created an Invasion Games Success Criteria:

  • I can explain what invasion games are and give some examples
  • I can demonstrate the skills to play the game
  • I can create space in attack
  • I can create space in the defense
  • I can send a ball to my teammate
  • I can receive a ball
  • I can help my team to create a plan to play the game
  • I can follow my team’s plan
  • I can positively and respectfully interact with others
  • I can describe what’s going well and not so well

Below you can see some pictures of students in action.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

G5 Invasion Games Inquiry

G5 students are in the middle of their "Invasion Games Unit." Using the "Teaching Games for Understanding" approach, we started exploring basketball throughout small sided games.

The learner profile items we chose for this unit are:

  • Inquirers: "We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life."

  • Communicators: "We express ourselves confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. We collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups."

This year, we are focusing on inquiry and one of our goals in physical education is to nurture the student's curiosity by providing more opportunities for student-directed inquiry in PE.

Yesterday, after the warm-up, I wrote down a few provocations for learners and asked them to add their thoughts.

This is what I wrote:

"A Closer Look at Invasion Games"
Good Decision Making Is:      Good Running Is:       Good Defending Is:       Good Attacking Is:

I had several markers and learners stood up and started adding their thoughts. We also looked at the modified small-sided games and talked about the importance of respecting the rules.

The PYP Attitudes for this unit are "Respect, Commitment, and Cooperation."
We made a big deal about them before starting the small sided games.
Learners got together in groups of 7 and divided into 2 teams and one person filming the games.

They changed roles during the games so everyone would get a turn to play and a few to film the games.

Before they started playing, G5 students took a look at what was written on the board, their ideas and other thoughts I had added and created a strategy with their teams. As they played, questions raised and students wondered.

I walked around, observed the games, stopped them and asked them questions about their strategies

We ended up our unit using a great tool called "Plickers" that gets me instant feedback about every single student.

Monday, 17 September 2018

G1 Healthy Lifestyle

Last Friday we wrapped up our "Healthy Lifestyle" UOI

During this unit, G1 learners became aware of the importance of physical activity in their daily life.

Throughout a variety of physical activities such as running, playing tag games, wall climbing and practicing yoga, G1 students started to recognize basic changes that occurred in their bodies.

Hopefully, you have been able to watch and listen to your child in Seesaw as they shared what they learned during this unit.

The unit is now over and we would like to ask you to keep inspiring your child to be active and practice different physical activities as well as maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you!

Grade 2 Invasion Games

Grade 2 students have just started an invasion games unit in PE. We are introducing invasion games by playing some beanbag slide, however, the lessons will focus on more than just playing the game. We will be looking at the concepts of  teamwork, fair play (being a good winner and a good loser) and dealing with conflict that can arise in these types of games. Over the next few weeks, we will be applying these concepts to a variety of different invasion games, as well at practicing the motor skills needed to be successful in these games.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Teamwork and Leadership in PE

Grade 4 students have been focusing on leadership in the first PE unit of the year. Students have been undertaking a variety of challenges in groups, with them taking it in turns to be the leader. So far in this inquiry we have found out that the leader does not need to know all the answers to the problems and that they should get their team to share ideas. We have also discovered it is much easier to be a good leader if everyone in your team is being a good team member.

As part of this unit, all the students also got to go on an overnight trip. The trip focused on teamwork and leadership, but also looked at developing the students independence, which was for many their first experience away from home without parents.

More photos from the trip can be found by clicking this link.

Monday, 27 August 2018

G5 Adventure Challenge: Human Hungry Hippos

G5 learners are doing an Adventure Challenge unit (Cooperation games) in PE.

Our central idea is: Working together results in change.

One of the key concepts we are studying this year is "perspective." Students understand that others might have different ideas to solve a problem.

We have been playing several cooperative games where students had to choose between different jobs or roles.

Last week we played Human Hungry Hippos.

For this game, learners got together in small groups and everyone had a role. They had to choose a different role than the one they chose before in a previous session and game. Roles/jobs were: reader, cheerleader, video recorder, and helper/getter.

The idea of choosing a new role was to be able to see things from a different perspective and have learners reflecting on how they worked with others and supported their team in each challenge.

Learners had written instructions and the reader had to read it out loud for their team. Once they knew what to do, they could get started. The video recorder had to make a short clip and add it to their Seesaw to build their portfolio. Everyone had to be featured in the video, also the video recorder being in action ( playing the game) and reflecting on their game and role at the end.

Below you can see some pictures and videos of G5 learners in action:

In addition, we worked on co-creating success criteria. Below you can see what we came up with:

G5 Cooperative Games Success Criteria

I can be open-minded to work with anyone

I can be principled, respect others
I can communicate with the team effectively
I can give it a go, participate!
I can be safe
I can think positively
I can share the equipment
I can share the workload, choose a role: leader, cheerleader, helper, mediator, reader…
I can have fun!